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Glass Railings

Construction and its aspects are moving to a new level every day. Glass railings are the new normal in the modern era. These railings are designed with an addition of modern technology to ensure quality and sturdiness. These railings are great as they give an aesthetic look to your place while maintaining your confidence for your glass deck railings and stair railings as secure and quality options.

We are not recommending these railings; there are certain reasons given below that might make you select these railings for your house, office, or any other place.

● These railings are clear and allow you to see the beautiful views without any interruption. Old traditional railings were a barrier to view and light.
● The glass railings are not only a safety barrier, they are capable of enhancing the beauty of any place, which traditional railings can’t.

Glass Railing Specifications
Glass railings are available at multiple heights. A residential place should have a glass railing of about 42-inches in size, while people going to get installed one for homes or residential buildings can choose any railing from 36 – 42 inches. The thickness of the railing depends upon what type of railing you choose for your place. Going for a thick railing is better if you want a more secure feel.

Types Of Glass Railings
Glass railings are divided into the two following types based on their frames.
Frameless Glass Railings
Frameless glass railings are the ones you can have to make your place eye-catching. These railings do not come with frames; the glass is attached to brackets, baseboards, or railing bar. To maintain the protective feel, the railings are made of thick glass.
Framed Glass Railings
Framed glass railings are more protective than the standard frameless railings. These railings have every panel enclosed in an iron or metal frame which adds up to the sturdiness of the frame.
Sahara Railing Gates is a company located in Vancouver which offers you all the high-quality glass and the railings. We provide glass railings at a very affordable price. We assist you and offer glass railings just according to your requirements.
Chic entrance foyer with high ceiling and wide staircase with lights and contemporary railing. New Custom built home interior.

Picket Railings

Picket railings are sturdy as compared to glass railings or any other type of railing. Architects prefer these railings to be used in areas like public places such as hospitals and schools or any other commercial place. Picket railings are of two types: guardrails and handrails. Architect chooses the one according to their choice and the requirement of the building.

Aluminum is the most used type of material in the picket railings. The use of aluminum makes the railings lightweight yet very durable and attractive. This makes the usage of pickets both protective and decorative. The railing has a wide height usage. You can get them installed from a height of a maximum of 2000 feet and to a minimum of six feet.

Aluminum is the most used type of material in the picket railings. The use of aluminum makes the railings lightweight yet very durable and attractive. This makes the usage of pickets both protective and decorative. The railing has a wide height usage. You can get them installed from a height of a maximum of 2000 feet and to a minimum of six feet.


A fence can closely resemble some of the railing types but it is different in material and construction with a different set of purposes for usage. With the fence, you create a boundary for something to stay in. It is specially designed to resist any kind of escape. Fences are mostly used in farmhouses and in some cases to resist invaders to poke inside the house. The modern aluminum fences also work to make your home attractive.

Wooden fences are mostly used in many countries to determine a boundary between the houses. But with time the property distribution is done by using aluminum fences as they are unbreakable and come with extra protection. Wooden fences are used in most backyards to keep the pets away from escaping. Iron fences are hard to cross and hence are used in high-profile areas like jails and other community areas.

Modern metal fence for fencing the yard area. Horizontal sections of the fence made of metal


We can call a gate a pathway or a barrier to maintain privacy. There are multiple types of gates available in the market. These gates include a Pedestrian Gate, Sliding Gate, and a Double Swing Gate. ​

Iron and aluminum gates are more durable than wooden gates. If we talk about size, that is totally a personal preference. You can get gates according to your choice. The gates are available in a number of designs. We can customize them for you to choose the best. There are also automated gates which are a blend of technology constructed for your ease.

Why is An Automated Gate Necessary
There are multiple reasons which will make you consider getting an automated gate for your place and install it.
● If you have children, these gates are life savers. They do not allow your children to go out and prevent them from any injury.
● The automated gates do not allow any invader animals to enter your house and keep your garden and other things safe.
● If you have pets, gates aided by boundaries make a private space for your pets and keep them away from stray animals.
● If privacy is your priority, gates are the best options one can have. Driving back home and driving away from home does not require the hassle of opening, it automatically closes and opens.
● The installation of a gate is easier and much more convenient, making your home more attractive.
If you have made up your mind to get a gate installed, contact us. We are the most known company for quality construction in Canada.


A handrail is a rail designed on the wall, stairs, or slopes for the people who need any kind of aid while walking through such places. These handrails make climbing and walking easy. These handrail systems are available in a number of shapes whether it is a circle, square, or rectangle.

Specifications Of Handrail
A handrail is sturdy as it is designed to provide support. The handrails are mostly made of aluminum, steel, or iron. In some cases, there is a glass applied on the handrail which provides a good view. We can carve some designs on your rail for a special iconic touch.

Types Of Handrails
 Handrails are divided into two following types:
  • Grab Rail
  • Guard Rail
Grab Rail
Grab rails are small as compared to the guard rails. The rails are designed to help maintain support at a specific place and also leave an impact to reduce fatigue.
Guard Rail
Guardrails are more like a boundary. These rails are mostly designed to stop someone from exceeding any limits. These rails are more visible while driving or visiting any area like mountains etc.
Our company is one of the most specialized companies in Canada known for the manufacturing of guard rails. Our company works to enhance the aesthetic feel of your place and make it comfortable for people of every age. Our company has been making its mark for years by providing high-level professional services. The professional team especially determines the needs of the user and customizes even a single nail for you to get the best results. We never compromise on quality and keep the use of good products in front for customer satisfaction. Our rail can be adjusted simply just in a few steps. Contact us to get the best results.


SAHARA Railings And Gates is a company located in Canada which has made its place in the market after working for years in the field. Our company is well-known as we never compromise on the quality of our work. We take pride in the quality we provide.