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Our company offers quality gates customized according to your choice which might help you to make your dreams a reality. Protection and attraction are now just one step away. Contact us now for professional work.
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Glass Railings

Construction and its aspects are moving to a new level every day. Glass railings are the new normal in the modern era. These railings are designed with an addition of modern technology to ensure quality and sturdiness.

Chic entrance foyer with high ceiling and wide staircase with lights and contemporary railing. New Custom built home interior.

Picket Railings

Picket railings are sturdy as compared to glass railings or any other type of railing. Architects prefer these railings to be used in areas like public places such as hospitals and schools or any other commercial place.


A fence can closely resemble some of the railing types but it is different in material and construction with a different set of purposes for usage. With the fence, you create a boundary for something to stay in. I



A handrail is a rail designed on the wall, stairs, or slopes for the people who need any kind of aid while walking through such places. These handrails make climbing and walking easy.



We can call a gate a pathway or a barrier to maintain privacy. There are multiple types of gates available in the market. These gates include a Pedestrian Gate, Sliding Gate, and a Double Swing Gate.

Why Choose Us

We do not implement what we like, SAHARA offers a complete opportunity to its customers to get customized gates and railings. You think in your mind and we put it into reality. We are known for the customer-friendly service we offer. Our customers are satisfied with our performance as we always put our efforts to understand their demands and make our technical knowledge to fulfill them.
Specifications Of Handrail

A handrail is sturdy as it is designed to provide support. The handrails are mostly made of aluminum, steel, or iron. In some cases, there is a glass applied on the handrail which provides a good view. We can carve some designs on your rail for a special iconic touch.

Specifications Of Picket Railings

Picket railings are made of sturdy material. Following are the types of materials used in the manufacturing of Picket Railing.
● Metal
● Steel
● Aluminum

Glass Railing Specifications

Glass railings are available at multiple heights. A residential place should have a glass railing of about 42-inches in size, while people going to get installed one for homes or residential buildings can choose any railing from 36 - 42 inches.

Specifications Of A Fence

A fence is mostly constructed with the following material: ● Wood ● Wires ● Aluminum

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Balraj Sangha 604-825-1531, Suba Dhillon 778-552-2035

SAHARA Railings And Gates is a company located in Canada which has made its place in the market after working for years in the field. Our company is well-known as we never compromise on the quality of our work. We take pride in the quality we provide.